Not the Shoes!

Hi guys! Wow, it’s been a long time. I almost don’t know what to say! Almost.

So, there’s this Swedish scientist named Jarl Flensmark who thinks that wearing high-heels makes people schizophrenic and subject to other mental disorders (HT: Samantha Burns). I think he’s absolutely nuts. I wear high heels all the time and there’s nothing wrong with me!

I am, however, the girl who puts on her heels right before leaving the house and takes them off right when she reaches her destination, such as church. My pastor asks me if we’re standing on holy ground.

Apparently, “during walking, synchronised stimuli from mechaneroceptors in the lower extremities increase activity in cerebellothalamo-cortico-cerebellar loops through their action on NMDA- receptors.”

Followin’ me here? And no, a mechaneroceptor is not a dinosaur.

“Using heeled shoes leads to weaker stimulation of the loops. Reduced cortical activity changes dopaminergic function, which involves the gangliathalamo-cortical-nigro-basal ganglia loops.”

Basically Jarl is saying that walking in heels can prevent the neuro-receptors in the calf muscles from releasing dopamine, which is a necessary compound for mental well-being. Thanks Jarl. Sure you haven’t been wearing your heels to work lately?

What's up with that?

He also points out that wherever heeled shoes have popped up around the world, so have mental institutions.

Hmmm. You know, I wonder if this has any connecton with me failing the insanity test (if the link makes you laugh, you’re insane).

BONUS! Random stuff!

What is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?

6 thoughts on “Not the Shoes!

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Oh man, I thought the hippopotamus thing had something to do with being equipped with a monstrous hippo phobia.

    I know, I’m lame, but thought I’d share anyhow.

  2. Or instead of the high heels it could be the pressure of staying up on all the latest fashions and the fact that some of them are so ugly you remember them even when you don’t want to. Yeah, imagine those nightmares.

  3. Sam: you’re welcome!

    PFF: You do have a point.

    But how do guys become schizophrenic then?

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