A graduation present

Time of passage,
time is passing,
the leaves are here and gone.
Turn the page,
start an age,
and hear the faint old song.

Distant rhythm,
always driven
like the thread that weaves the linen,
Soft but binding,
knit but winding,
what wondrous cloth we’re given!

Go and come back,
give and get back,
but never the same again,
Familiar sights,
seen in different lights,
are like old but distant friends.

Momentous starts,
kept in our hearts,
guide all our decisions,
While faith and fate,
will always wait,
to shape our future missions.

Experience counts,
but in different amounts,
by the memories it’s based upon,
So pick and chose,
for you’ll win and lose,
with those that you take on.

But as you go,
please always know,
we can’t change our view of you,
With love and pride,
for what’s inside,
and all that you will do.

– John Stewart

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