The Mall Diva? What do you want with her?

I don’t know what is going on, but this blog has already had around 250 visitors today (about 3x what I get in a full day), and almost all of them are going to the Mall Diva’s category archive.

The other common denominator is that the visitors are coming from different radio stations via something called; e.g., “” Clicking on the incoming reference doesn’t show anything helpful. The only thing I can think of is some mention or reference from a network-syndicated show or quiz is driving this, but I can’t find any useful information about why this is happening from SiteMeter, Technorati or TTLB (or maybe I just don’t know how to ask the question).

If anyone can explain this sudden rush of interest (not that I’m shocked, given it is the Mall Diva, after all), I’m all ears.


For those searching the Mall Diva archives, only the last 17 appear on the main page under this category heading. You can browse previous entries by selecting her category, then clicking on the monthly archives on the right hand side of the page. Her very first post (about having her wisdom teeth pulled) can be found under March, 2005, but she didn’t appear again until September (the thrill of being shot at) and then began writing more regularly in October of 2005 (with an account of a former classmate being charged with murder). NW.

7 thoughts on “The Mall Diva? What do you want with her?

  1. They seemed to be mostly country stations. Is there something in the MD’s posts that would be country related?


    Jeff: I noticed the same thing about the stations I looked up. Perhaps it was her 2DANGQT post with the cowboy hat awhile back. I’m guessing there was some kind of trivia question or news item that went out through the network or syndicate that drove the research or traffic. I also discovered another Mall Diva that actually has the name in her blog title; she’s a 14-year old girl who appears to be a piano prodigy and maybe there’s something to that. Whatever, it’s just one of those funny things that happen and make you say, “What was that all about?” (My little Diva, btw, didn’t choose the name herself; it was bestowed upon her by Cathy in the Wright in recognition of her personal shopping prowess.)

  3. Hmmm….ok then bad news. I took the hounds hunting and they got lost. I cut up the drawbridge to make a killer bonfire. And I followed the Presidents immigration plan for enforcing the perimeter so that’s why there are about 14 million Mexicans camped out on your lawn.

    Sorry, my bad. Best of luck. Mall Diva, you might want to get a running start.

  4. No problemo. That’s why I’ve got the neuter-tron bomb. Kind of the same principle as the neutron, but, well, different in terms of what it destroys and what it leaves. And Kevin thought he had cool toys.

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