New: 10 to remember

Lists can be hard things to keep straight; the names of the seven dwarfs, each of the 12 days of Christmas (or all the 12 steps), eight wonders of the world without a catchy rhyme or jingle (I bet you can rattle off the seven ingredients of a Big Mac).

Here’s a handy rhyme in the public domain that appeared over the weekedn in The Writer’s Almanac:

The Ten Commandments

I. -Have thou no other gods but me,

II. -And to no image bow thy knee.

III. -Take not the name of God in vain:

IV. -The sabbath day do not profane.

V. -Honour thy father and mother too;

VI. -And see that thou no murder do.

VII. -Abstain from words and deeds unclean;

VIII. -Nor steal, though thou art poor and mean.

IX. -Bear not false witness, shun that blot;

X. -What is thy neighbor’s covet not.

-These laws, O Lord, write in my heart, that I,

-May in thy faithful service live and die.

One thought on “New: 10 to remember

  1. I like you poem better that the sort of

    rhyming acronym I use: (just the acronyms rhyme, not my description line below)



    Gods “none other before Me”

    Idols – don’t worship

    Name – don’t take in vain

    Sabbath – honor and keep int holy

    Parents – honor them

    Murder – don’t commit

    Adultery – don’t commit

    Steal – don’t

    Bear false witness – don’t

    Covet other’s possessions – don’t

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