Musically Random

Hi, guys! This is my obligatory blog.

New music review!

The band is Angels and Airwaves. The song is “The Adventure”.

This is a new band from Tom DeLonge, who was 1/3 of the pop/punk trio Blink182. I listened to the song one time and went and downloaded it.I heard it on Drive105, which I listen to because I love alternative music. It’s pret-ty sweet, yo.

One thing I really like about Drive105 is that they play all this rockin’ music before stations like KDWB get ahold of them and play them into the dirt. Which is incredibly obnoxious.

So, yeah! You should go and check this band out. They are h-o-t-t hot!

See you at Keegan’s!

One thought on “Musically Random

  1. Three words. XM Satellite Radio. You’ll never listen to terrestial radio again.

    (And you’ll forgive me for not checking out the hotness of the band.)

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