My sob story for the Big Meanies

The Barnacle Boys have been bugging me.

So, let’s set the record straight, shall we? I’ll even start at the beginning. Here we go:

The crud has been going around at my work for practically a month now, and a lot of the ladies I work with have been coming down with it. I swear I had already gotten it back in February, and I wouldn’t get it again, but noooo, of course I got it. And it was worse this time.

On Monday I was feeling fine, my throat was just feeling kind of tickly, but as the day went on I began to feel worse. I had to work from six to close. I ended up going home at a quarter to eight.

Tuesday I woke up bright and early at six and spent, like, an hour in the bathroom being violently ill. After that I was so weak I could barely drag myself the three feet back to my bedroom. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and being extremely sore all over. I didn’t stand up for fear of falling over.

(By the way, Tiger Lilly is very good at taking care of people when they’re sick so you can keep in mind that if she beats you up. If you hurry and get on her good side, she might nurse you back to health.)

Wednesday was a little better. I actually went down the stairs with out falling, and I ate a pieace of toast. That wore me out. Going back up the stairs was scary. I stayed in bed.

Thursday, I actually went to work. I worked with my boss, and we were both sick. She thought it was kind of funny. I could hardly lift dresses to put them away. It was hard to breathe. I went home. We went to Keegan’s and kicked butt, the highlight of my day. Ben! Stop making faces at me!

Today I feel better, though this cold is trying to take me down and I’m still sore. But I’m going shopping! Yay!

One thought on “My sob story for the Big Meanies

  1. I just posted a paragraph in your honour. No emoticons were involved. Hope that your recovery will be complete so that Tiger Lilly can stop fetching you bowls of bird flu soup. Props to her for being a good sister.

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