Random What Now?….

I’m sorry I didn’t post randomness last week, I know you were all sorely disappointed. I hope you weren’t too disappointed, though, or I might have to tell you to get a life.

Okay, here’s a quote for ya:

“There are three times when I laugh at a joke,
once when I hear it, again when I tell it,
and then when I get it.” -Tom Johnson

And in the light of that wisdom, I have a joke for you. Ahem:

What did the hotdog say when he crossed the finish line?*

(Wait for it…)

*For best results, tell this joke at around 2 or 3 a.m.*

Dad, do I get to go to Keegan’s now?

7 thoughts on “Random What Now?….

  1. Another joke that has attained near celebrity status here at work (because I told it to my co-workers at 3 am) :

    The Muffin Joke

    Two muffins are sitting in the oven.

    First muffin turns to the second muffin and says “Wow, it’s really hot in here”.

    Second muffin turns to the first muffin and screams “AAAAHHH!! A talking muffin!!”

    NOTE : I’ve found you get the best result if:

    A) The person telling the joke really gets into the scream, and

    2) The people listening to the joke are insanely exhausted and/or drunk

  2. Talking muffins?


    Geez, I can’t even hear the scream, and I’m not drunk. I must be insanely exhausted(i.e. slaphappy).

    A)….2) heeheeheeee!

  3. Uncle Ben! How unpatriotic of you.

    After all, the state muffin is the blueberry muffin.

    And why isn’t it the chocolate muffin? Mmmm…

    And why in the first place do we have a state muffin?

  4. Because the dinky little third-grade kids in a public school wanted to prove that they could ‘make things happen’ in our government.

    Whoooo! So they ordained a state muffin! What do they want, an award?

    -Mall Diva

  5. Yeahh, so I was looking at the state muffins to see if any oe had the chocolate muffin and no one had it.

    But guess what, only five sates have state muffins and Washington and Minnesota have the same state muffin!

    What! Don’t we have any creative juices.

    Heehee, rambling about state muffins.

    I’m a dork!

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