I have some big news. Ready? Here goes:

I’ve got a new cowboy hat. I know! Isn’t it exciting? Here are some a pictures of it.

By the way, I am not deathly afraid of graven images. They just make me nervous sometimes.

14 thoughts on “2DANGQT

  1. Not being an expert on cowboys hats, I may be wrong but from my understanding you are now either :

    A) Gay

    2) A really really bad shot

    Just curious which one it is.

  2. Apostate, A and B or 1 and 2. If you’re going to confuse letters and numbers I’d recommend steak sauce.

    Diva, I’ll need a heckling hat. Any recommendations?

  3. Oh Keeevin… I am most certainly *not* gay,

    and are you sure you want to find out how good a shot I am?

    Uncle Benny, let’s go shopping!

  4. LOL

    P.S. Ben the A and 2 is a reference to a movie…it’s meant as a subtle joke. Don’t worry, most people don’t catch it when they watch it.

  5. Kevin – McFly – Back to the Future – got it.

    Mall Diva, sad to say, but that hat s struckt me as more pimp than cowboy – and we all know Its Hard Out There For a Pimp.

  6. Okay you guys, is there *anyone* you can think of who is less a pimp than me? Seriously.

  7. Kevin, I’m way too white to even know what a pimp is, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not one. If I’m wrong please respond in A)2) format.

    Diva, My wallet’s feeling a little light so I’ll have to save your offer for later.

  8. MallDiva the cowboy hat is cute and actually very similar to mine.

    Oh, and Uncle Ben it was me who said hi to you today.

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