What’s up, Michigan?

I checked my blog for new comments and traffic around lunch time today and was stunned to see a day’s worth of traffic had already come and gone! Usually the “referral” tab on the meter gives an indication of which blog, web site or search engine referred a visitor to me, but it everyone was coming in “unknown”. The only thing I could tell at first was that everyone was hitting the Fundamentals in Film archive, which was really strange because I had posted the latest film yet. Someone must have mentioned this somewhere but the TTLB and Technorati were silent.

A little further digging, however, showed that just about everyone hitting that film archive lives in Michigan.

Does somebody over there want to tell me what’s going on? Is there a Michigan version of the MOB (Minnesota Organization of Blogs)? Why has everyone turned into film aficionados?

Anyway, you’re all welcome. Feel free to stick around!

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