Random Story of the Week

by the Mall Diva

The beauty school that I went to was supposedly haunted. The story that I heard was that it actually used to be a morgue, and my instructors had occasionally had ‘creepy experiences’. The building was pretty old, the beauty school had been there for about 30 years. The upstairs was used for the offices, the classroom, and the lunchroom.

Anyway, one time, just after my class had learned how to foil, my friend Renae and I were upstairs in the classroom practicing with one of the mannequin heads (of which there was a closet-full, talk about freaky).

We were the only ones up there, and we were foiling and talking, but I kept hearing this noise — kind of a soft pounding.

I asked Renae if she heard it, and we listened. We heard it again.

We were a little freaked out, we both knew the stories. I told her that maybe it was a pipe or something.

We decided that it was coming from the closet full of heads.

Of course I was the one that had to go and see.

I walked over to the closet and started to pull open the door, meanwhile I kept hearing the pounding, and was that scratching?

I hadn’t gotten the door all the open when out popped my friend Pearl, and Renae and I both screamed as Pearl laughed at us. We started laughing, too.

Then we heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and we told Pearl to hurry and get back in the closet, so she did.

Into the classroom walked my good friend, Kerry. We all talked for a while, and Renae and I told her that we kept hearing this pounding noise and we didn’t know what it was. She was getting kind of weirded out when all of a sudden a mannequin head came flying out of the closet!

She screamed and ran out of the room and down the stairs while Pearl, Renae and I yucked it up. When we went downstairs, we had some ‘splainin’ to do, but the girls thought it was pretty funny, and Kerry forgave us.

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  1. Very funny! Years ago a friend of mine was a pre-med student. His prank was winding up an alarm clock, placing it in the chest cavity of a cadaver set to go off just as his friend was “going in”.

    You can imagine the reaction. 🙂

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