An ethical challenge

Great post from Andy at Residual Forces yesterday, deboning the celebration of those hailing the decisions of three Californian anesthesiologists who refused to execute a convicted murderer and rapist on ethical grounds.

These doctors in California who have suddenly gotten ethics and won’t assist with the Death Penalty may be the best example of hypocrisy ever.

Here we have Legislatures demanding that Doctors prescribe the morning after abortion pills, against their will.

That Walmart must sell the Morning After abortion pill against their will.

The Supreme Court says that Doctors in Oregon can euthanize people. (That means assisting them to die)

Abortion are considered a medical procedure worthy of public financing.

Partial birth abortion is still acceptable round most parts.

But these doctors in Cali won’t help rid the world of a convicted x murderer and rapist because of their ethics.

Personally, I may not agree with the decisions these anesthesiologists made, but I respect their right to do so. I endorse so-called “conscience clauses”. And as Andy points out, those who are happy by these particular actions might not be so supportive in other circumstances.

If they can stand up to a court order and refuse this, can other doctors refuse court orders and laws and protect other forms of life? Can doctors and pharmacists refuse to abort the unborn now? Will the ethics of every doctor be tolerated now?

On a related topic, go back and check out this classic from Craig Westover.

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