I had a little lunch with the Llama Butchers today and found this intriguing link to the SPAM-ku page; a web-site devoted to haiku about SPAM®. No, not the annoying email, but the delightful pork particle product from our own Austin, Minnesota!

Reading through the site which features more than 19,000 poems to SPAM really got the creative (and other) juices flowing. Mmmm, SPAM – the smell, the slimy gelatin coating, the light pink color! Lord help me, but I love it! Here are some of my own SPAM-ku, touched by the processed pig muse:

How I Like It
One quarter inch thick,
Fried crispy on both sides with
toast, lettuce, mayo!

The Spam Museum,
a temple to temptation;
revelation comes.

The Monty Python diet
Egg spam spam bacon!
Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
I like spam a lot!

The Next Generation
Sharing processed pork,
the Mall Diva likes it, too!
My work here is done.

The Food Capital of Southern Minnesota
Go to Austin, MN,
proud city of pork shoulders;
keep your Green Giant.

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