Don’t you dare question their patriotism, unless…

Readers outside of Minnesota might not be aware that this state is the first place where a group called Midwestern Heroes is running a series of ads featuring Iraq war veterans and families of soldiers killed in Iraq. The vets and families speak out in favor of America’s involvement and positive accomplishments in Iraq in an effort to counter the typical reporting and commentary on most MSM outlets.

The local Democratic party is reacting as predictably as Islamists to the publishing of cartoon Mohammeds – and using the same tactics, demanding that the ads not be shown and urging the faithful (the Party faithful, that is) to protest. (The ads can be viewed here.) As succinctly reported on Powerline:

Brian Melendez is the chairman of the Minnesota Democratic Party. This past Thursday Melendez called a press conference and condemned the first of the two advertisements — the one featuring the veterans — as “un-American, untruthful and a lie.”

That ad features Lt. Col. Bob Stephenson, who is the co-chair of Minnesota Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission. This is a man, Powerline notes, who has 10 years of active duty experience and is being called “un-American” for publicly supporting the U.S.’s foreign policy.

Apparently, daring to question someone’s patriotism is okay after all as long as that person (or persons) disagrees with you. (This will be a great relief to Jeff, who also has this post detailing the advertising controversy and the parties involved.)

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  1. Nice analogy between the DFL and the Religion of Pieces. One would think the Dems would feel funny about sounding just like the mobs burning down embassies across the Middle East, but I guess not.

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