Robert Naegele III, eat your heart out

Naegele scion and skateboard park visionary Robert Naegele III apparently, um, skated on his commitment with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to build a state-of-the-art skateboard park on the Fort Snelling grounds (as reported here in the Strib). The park won’t be built, and the Minneapolis tax payers are on the hook for paying contractors for work that’s been done on the unfinished project.

I’m just guessing, but perhaps Naegele III thought, “Why mess around with the socialists when I can work with real communists?” Here’s a photo of a skateboard park under construction near Shanghai (HT: Z+ Partners Blog):

Wired’s January 2006 issue contains a brief piece about a “planned metropolis” on the outskirts of Shanghai that features a 130,000-square-foot, $26 million dollar complex for skateboarders. It sounds impressive. The only question it raises is who is actually going to use it? As Transworld Skateboarding Magazine casually observed in one of their recent travel pieces: “There aren’t hundreds of skaters in Shanghai. In fact we probably only came across a handful at most…”

Does The Great Chairman Coleman (here, here and here) or Mao Tse Thune over in the People’s Republic of St. Paul know about this?

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