The Dems and the great technicolor yawn

Laura Ingraham was asking callers this morning to offer one-word descriptions of the performance of the Judiciary Committee Democrats during the Alito hearings. “Atrocious,” “disgusting” and “vile” were offered, along with a word that I thought was particularly apt, though Laura wasn’t sure what it meant: execrable.

The word that popped into my head, however, was “bulimic”. Sure, “vomitous” would work nearly as well, but bulimic is the choice because all of the wretched retching by Teddy “Mr. Creosote” Kennedy, Up-Chuck Schumer, Blow Biden, et al, was entirely self-induced. Gorged by the cheers (and money) of their far-left masters, bloated by the rhetoric and war chants leading up to the hearings predicting a beating for the nominee, burping the emetic threat of a fili-gut-buster, they sought to poke a finger in the eye of the Bush administration and ended up sticking it down their own throats instead.

Not only that, but they threw everything they had at Justice Alito and it had all the stopping power of a blueberry thrown against a locomotive. Yeah, it will leave a stain, but mostly on their own shoes. This was supposed to be the battle to show the administration that it couldn’t get a conservative, white male, pro-life nominee past the Watchdogs of (In)Decency and it failed. It does make you wonder what they can possibly do if there’s another SCOTUS vacancy in the next year and a conservative, pro-life black woman is nominated. You’d like to think that an important lesson has been learned, but you also know how it is with dogs returning to their vomit.

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