A real paper chase

The National Center for Public Policy Research is attending the UN Climate Change Conferences in Montreal and distributing “emissions credits” — printed on toilet paper.

I’m guessing that there are more than a few flushed faces around the table as a result.

Policy Group Distributes Toilet Paper ‘Emissions Credits’ at U.N. Global Warming Conference

Montreal, Canada – The National Center for Public Policy Research is handing out “emissions credits” printed on toilet paper at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal today, to symbolize the failure of the Kyoto Protocol and the futility of emissions trading schemes.

Under the European Union’s “CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme,” companies are allotted credits that allow them to emit a fixed amount of carbon dioxide. Companies that reduce their carbon dioxide output, and thus don’t use all of their credits, can sell them to companies who are exceeding their C02 allotments.

As the flawed Kyoto treaty is all but dead, emissions credits aren’t likely to be of any value in the future.

“Emissions credits aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on,” said David Ridenour, Vice President of The National Center, “Unless, of course, that paper happens to be toilet paper.”

Read the whole story and see a picture here.

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