Not so trivial pursuits

I’m pretty much on an every-other week schedule for Keegan’s Thursday night trivia (when my family hasn’t otherwise abandoned me), which would have me in the thick of the fray tonight – except that it is my lovely wife’s birthday. Even though I’ve offered her a birthday present of the two free drink tickets I’ve accumulated from my most recent visits, she would rather celebrate the occasion in another manner.

She’s already made it so easy for me that I can’t possibly resist. She’s already selected the restaurant where she wants to eat, and then it’s off to the store to pick up the birthday present she’s already selected. How good is that? This doesn’t indicate a lack of faith on her part for my gift-buying acumen, as I think I’m pretty good at that. This just allows me to focus my skills and attention on our upcoming anniversary.

By the way, this is one of those birthdays for her that ends in a “9”. If enough of you think the first number is “2” then I’m sure she’ll be back at Keegan’s in no time to thank you personally. Below is a photo of a previous visit, when we were joined by the mysterious Tiger Lilly (the Mall Diva was probably shopping).

(photo by Douglas Bass)

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