Hello, can you hear me now?

It was Kevin who tipped me off to the World Map feature on Site Meter. I’d never looked at that until this week, and it was amazing to me. In the course of this week I’ve had visitors from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, the Ivory Coast, Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the UK and the distant and exotic land of Canada. (Does anyone know how you say, “Hey, y’all” in Farsi?)

Granted, just about all of these came to me as a result of Google searches, and may have stayed only long enough to say, “Vas ist das scheisse?” but it’s still kind of cool that I have the potential to create an international incident any time I sit down at the computer.

To paraphrase Satchmo, “What a wonderful World(wide web)!”

2 thoughts on “Hello, can you hear me now?

  1. I wish I didn’t know about the World Map. Because now I know that someone in Saudi Arabia has my site bookmarked and visits me at least once a day.

    I really really want to know who it is and what they see in my site.

    I guess my point is, ignore it if possible.

  2. I don’t think I’m going to start crafting my messages for my Far East audience, especially since they’re likely Accidental (or occidental) Tourists. Still, it was very interesting to see how far some of my posts have travelled, and especially gratifying that some of my faith-based posts in particular have gone into Non-Christian countries.

    Oops, gotta go. There are some mysterious looking guys ringing my doorbell.

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