“Illustrious” new blog

A co-worker pointed me toward a new Minnesota-based blog, Cedric’s Blog-o-Rama.

Cedric is a young, soon-to-be-married, freelance illustrator and artist. His site is a breezy take on the fun and challenges of his job and the joys of his faith and being engaged. I’m not sure of his politics, but he is liberal in his use of illustrations on the site. His art is bright and cheery, and you may even recognize some of his work from displays at the Mall of America.

Here’s a post he offered to comic book fans about Fanboy radio:

One of the great things about freelancing is that you get to work at home and be your own boss. One of the not so great things is that it can get quite lonely. You miss having other artists around to talk to, joke around with, and be inspired by. So I was really excited this morning when I stumbled upon Fanboy Radio. It’s a two-hour radio program dedicated to discussing comics and interviewing people in the industry. Airings have included interviews with Mike Wieringo, John Byrne, and Stan Lee just to name a few. For only 75ยข each you can download episodes as podcasts. For me It’s like a breath of fresh air to hear such accomplished artists discussing their work, sharing their ideas, or just kidding around. It’s not the same as having a live person to talk to, but at least I get to hear the voices of other artists in my studio (even if it is through my computer speaker). And not just any artists, but accomplished professionals whose work challenges and inspires me. So if you love comics and you’re looking for something fun to listen to, check out Fanboy Radio.

Check it out!

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