Steven Vincent murdered

Multiple news sources report today that author, blogger and embedded journalist Steven Vincent has been killed near Basra after being kidnapped. There is some speculation that the outspoken voice behind the In the Red Zone blog, and the recently published book by the same name, may have been killed in retaliation for this recent opinion piece in the New York Times criticizing the rise of Shi’ite fundamentalism in Basra and especially within its new police force. Vincent’s translator was also kidnapped and wounded, but has survived.

Michelle Malkin has the story and many links, and it is also worth reading this post from Michael Yon, another embedded blogger and author (please note that Yon is a freelancer and is covering his own expenses in Iraq and could use your support).

MOB members Captain Ed and Mitch Berg interviewed Vincent in the past and post accounts as well.


Also check out these tributes on the MAWB Squad and Jay Reding.

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