I feel as if I’ve been drinking Red Bull through a Twizzler…

Another communications black out for my wife and daughter as they turn toward home … almost. An engineer friend of mine from college is working in the capital city of the distant and mysterious land and he was able to cross paths with them last night. They tried using his international cell phone to get through to me but couldn’t. He tried again a couple of hours ago and got through with an important message:

My wife wants me to buy her a watermelon.

I don’t know if this is indicative of a desire on her part to eat fresh fruit that doesn’t have to be sterilized first, or an indication of how much (or what) they may have had to drink at dinner. I’m leaning toward the former.

Anyway, my friend reports they are looking well and everything is in order for their return trip in just a few more hours. They’re coming on a flight he himself has taken many times that is typically very punctual, and once even had the benefit of a 175 mph tailwind. Yes!

I am so stoked to see them again. I’m planning to go to Keegan’s tonight for trivia and to celebrate surviving my singleness. If you see me you might want to allow a little space.


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