Top 11 reasons Chad’s new son will blog

I’ve waited for Sisyphus at Nihilist in Golf Pants to jump on this, but now that he’s watching the Real World on television it might be awhile. Therefore I’m borrowing the automatic Top 11 generating computer to commemorate the arrival of Chad the Elder’s new son, and the tyke’s imminent appearance as a Fraters contributor.

11. Has already received Hugh Hewitt autographed diaper bag and copy of “Blog.”
10. Don’t let the babyface fool you; it hasn’t hurt Brian “St. Paul” Ward.
9. Falls asleep listening to NARN broadcasts (perhaps that’s not so unique).
8. Already knows the difference between a tax and a fee.
7. Every bit as cute as David Strom and Margaret Martin.
6. Had Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” read to him in utero.
5. Already knows what Wellstone would do, and doesn’t like it.
4. His custom onesies have Ronald Reagan’s face on the front…and Ted Kennedy’s on the butt.
3. Not intimidated by Atomizer’s “Rock Solid” award.
2. MOB pool has him as the 3-1 favorite in the race to see who will post next between him and JB Doubtless.
1. He has to be ready to respond to whatever Nick Coleman’s new baby writes.

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