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I have to be up and out earlier than usual Wednesday morning so the unfinished post I’m currently working on will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope you’ll ultimately think it is worth the wait, but in the meantime I’d like to direct your attention to this Tuesday evening update from Varifrank on President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, who was previously confirmed unanimously by the Senate for his present seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia:

UPDATE: Judge John C. Roberts Jr.

NOT – The two Ediths.
NOT – Alberto Gonzalez.
NOT – John Cornyn.
NOT – A Woman.

Don’t Pundits have some sort of a shelf life if they continue to guess wrong?

UPDATE: Confirmed by 99-0 in the Senate. That means Schumer voted for him, Boxer voted for him, Reid voted for him. Kerry voted for him. What are they going to say? Oh we didn’t mean it? Oh, but look at his record? We have concerns? How does Schumer get to say “I didn’t vote for him in committee but I voted for him in the full Senate?

I have no doubt that the left will now paint this excellent pick as the spewed-from-his-forehead-spawn-of-satan himself.

See, Winning counts.

With Justice Roberts’ previous confirmation it is going to take a lot of Poligrip for certain senators to get those fangs back in their mouths. Not that they won’t try, of course (and special interest groups will be rushing boxes of the stuff to their offices). In the meantime, count on a lot of gums flapping and lips sputtering.

I don’t know much about the Judge Roberts beyond the initial information, but on a political level this is a breath-taking stroke by the man the left considers too stupid to be president.

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