I am Sorry, I am Sorry, I am So Sorry

I saw the Steve Levy column in Newsweek about the White Male Domination (WMD) of blogging – apparently at the expense of women – and couldn’t wait to post about this capital offense under a headline such as White Man Blogging. However, my fellow Brotherhood of Man member Jeff Jarvis beat me to it. Not only that, but he said it better than I could. He also said too much.

See, Jeff is very smart, but if he were truly astute he’d know that the only appropriate thing he could say to appease a certain element, other than “Please pass the hemlock,” is “I’m sorry.” Furthermore, the more often you say it, and the more abject you are, the better.

So here, on behalf of Jeff and all the other selfish white guys hogging the ether, allow me to say:

I’m sorry I’m a white guy.

I’m sorry we get all the good ideas and strong opinions.

I’m sorry we’ve created secret handshakes and other signals that allow us cheap access to blog hosting services while making everyone else pay through the nose.

I’m sorry we’ve erected barriers even higher than the MSM to keep out the unwashed, untrained and undesireable.

I’m sorry if you’ve never heard of Michelle Malkin , LaShawn Barber or The Patriette.

I’m sorry that every state doesn’t have a MAWB Squad chapter – yet.

I’m sorry that I’m not more in touch with my feminine side when blogging. (Really, I’d like to be and certainly would be if it wasn’t for the restraining order. But I notice the Night Writer likes to wear skirts, based on what’s in the “About” section of this blog.)

I’m just so sorry.


Minfidel, it’s a kilt, not a skirt.

– NW

2 thoughts on “I am Sorry, I am Sorry, I am So Sorry

  1. I read you most every day and have finally gotten around to registering (I have never been very good about administrative tasks). So this is the world of the blogger. I would say brave new world but it strikes me as more a coffee shop than a new world. There are some smart people, good writers, not-so-smart people and not-so-good writers. I suspect over time the power of the market will rule in that the unintersting bloggers will go the way of a great many big city newspapers (away) and the good ones will quit their day jobs, become arrogant and tell the rest of us why we are not nearly as smart as them. It seems to me that the best thing about blogs is that when they get to (or near) that point we just don’t have to read them. Since it has been established that most of us are men, lets be honest, if we want to be told that we are not nearly as smart as someone we can just spend a little time with our wives. I say this bit of heresy in the most loving way possible, really. I for one freely admit that I am married to the dumbest woman in America (she freely admits it as well–has more to do with me than her). I could not be happier or luckier.

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