I Used to Wallow in My Iniquity; Now I Just Spritz

I guess I’m still a little abashed at the Gematriculator rating of The Night Writer blog as 47% evil, and the subsequent ranking by Sisyphus at Nihilist in Golf Pants showing this blog to be the third-most evil in the MOB. It was even more disheartening when I “gematriculated” several recent Nick Coleman columns and discovered he came out consistently less than 20% evil.

Oh, what a world! What a world!

Then I got to thinking about it, and 47% evil is still 53% good – but by who’s standard? If I were to compare what percentage of my daily thoughts actually came close to matching God’s thoughts – whether about myself or others – I don’t think I’d come off even that good. Ah, sweet Grace!

I’m not saying I’m some worm (or “slithering reptile,” per the TTLB) to impress you with my pious wretchedness. I believe it is what Jesus did, not what I do, that affects how God sees me. I know for a fact, however, that I spend the bulk of my day doing things my own way (iniquity). Sometimes that may actually line up with God’s way, perhaps by accident, and there are those few times when I consciously try to do something his way.

I’ve noticed that my gematriculator score changes with each post I make – for “better” or “worse.” Likewise my iniquity ratio changes with each decision I make. By whatever scale, I hope I can keep getting better!

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