Bill Moyers, please call James Ault, Jr.

Some days on this blog are going to be more about politics or what’s going on in my life, and other days will be more faith related. The last couple of days have gone more that direction, but I didn’t want to finish today without pointing out an article in the Opinion section of today’s Star Tribune about faith and politics.

I don’t know if the editors were feeling repentant after printing the borderline bizarre (especially since it was presented so seriously) column by Bill Moyers a couple of weeks ago, but today’s Q&A – conducted by editorial writer Dave Hage – with James Ault, Jr. was a refreshing change. Whereas Moyers claimed that Christians in politics have set out to destroy the environment and stir up war in the hopes of hastening the Rapture, Ault actually took the time (3 years) to study a fundamentalist congregation and get to know what shaped their philosophy and led them into political activism.

The article merely scratches the surface of the topic, but shows a sensitive and open-minded perspective. Ault has used his experiences to produce a documentary, “Born Again,” and a book entitled “Spirit and Flesh.”

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