Tiger Lilly’s challenging word

Hi, sorry I’ve been away so long.

Dad said that I can do my own challenging words, so here’s one:


Ha! Just kidding. Here’s my real word:

Orts, n.
Fragments; pieces

Imagine using that word in everyday conversations. “Hey, Ted, would you hand me that little ort of glass right there, please?”

“Riiight. What’s an ort?”

“Well, an ort is a (see above). Now give me the ort, you picklewiener!!! O.K., O.K., hold on a minute! Someone needs anger management classes!”

Weird, huh? It even sounds weird. It’s one of those words where if you say it too many times, you forget what it means. Ort, ort, ort, ort, ort, ort, ort, ort, ort, ort. What does ort mean again? Oh, yeah (see above).

So that’s my challenging word. Well I guess it’s more weird than challenging. Maybe it’ll be challenging to remember.

Ciao for now!
Tiger Lilly

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